Don’t forget to wash your hands!

Free reading fun for your journey: with the SANIFAIR hygiene reading primer, children can discover the world of hygiene with lovingly drawn illustrations.

  • Adventures in the World of the Micrometres hygiene reading primer
  • Simple basic principles of cleanliness explained and illustrated for children
  • SANIFAIR sends you a copy free of charge

In the SANIFAIR hygiene reading primer Adventures in the World of the Micrometres, children discover why cleanliness is so important and how best to protect yourself against bacteria when travelling.

The happy story explains the microscopic world of bacteria to children and is illustrated with lots of drawings. Children learn something about the dangers of bacteria and how the SANIFAIR sanitary system has declared war on bacteria.

The bacterium Mo leads readers young and old through the booklet and explains where most dangerous bacteria collect, and how you can make life difficult for bacteria with cleanliness and basic principles.

SANIFAIR will be happy to send you a free copy. To receive one, please send an email on the subject to SANIFAIR customer service.

You can find out what other services SANIFAIR offers families with children in the SANIFAIR promise section of the SANIFAIR website.

SANIFAIR for kids