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Voucher partnership

You would like to increase customer retention as well as impulse purchases, and have additional free advertising space at your disposal? These are your key benefits as voucher partner of SANIFAIR!

Joint and systematic success

Become a voucher partner now and make SANIFAIR visitors your new regular customers. The voucher creates additional motivation to visit your store. Get new customer contacts easily and effortlessly by accepting our vouchers. Furthermore, the voucher triggers additional purchase responses and increases customer retention in the long run. After all, satisfied voucher customers will gladly come back.

You can also use the voucher for your next sales promotion – e.g. with additional discounts, services or offers. We provide you with different advertising spaces within the SANIFAIR sanitary facilities, where you can present yourself as voucher partner.

Sich unterhaltende Geschäftspartner auf den Weg zur SANIFAIR-Anlage

Your advantages as voucher partner

  • Vouchers increase the motivation of potential customers to visit your store

  • Benefit from impulse purchases when customers redeem their vouchers in your store

  • Increase your visibility and make use of the different advertising spaces at your location

  • With the SANIFAIR voucher system you can enhance your next sales promotion

SANIFAIR advertising spaces for targeted sales promotion

Potential customers are best approached
where they feel comfortable: at SANIFAIR.
We provide different advertising spaces within the SANIFAIR sanitary facilities, where you can present yourself as voucher partner.
More than 530 voucher partners at railway stations and shopping centres are
already participating in the SANIFAIR voucher system.


The info screen in the foyer presents your logo in the overview section of all SANIFAIR partners at the location. At facilities without info screen, the logos are displayed on an A1 poster.

Your logo on the SANIFAIR info screen
Werbefläche auf Sanifair Anlage

In the SANIFAIR single cabins, potential customers have the time to take notice of your promotional poster in the high-quality frame. 

Your advertisement in an attractive DIN A3 poster frame

Are you interested in further partner models?


You manage a shopping centre, a railway station or another highly frequented facility? Then, SANIFAIR is the perfect partner when it comes to sanitary facilities. 

Franchise partnership

You would like to benefit from a modern and multi-award-winning business model with more than 10 years of experience? Become a SANIFAIR franchise partner and run one or more sanitary facilities! 

Certified by the TÜV Rheinland:

Every year, SANIFAIR is audited by TÜV Rheinland according to the “Service-Quality-System” (SQS). The TÜV certification confirms that SANIFAIR’s high demand to quality shows in practice as well. The TÜV rates the service and performance of SANIFAIR from the customer’s perspective and issues this specific certification only to companies that ensure special customer satisfaction by means of the quality of their staff and service-oriented offers.

SANIFAIR is a certified member

The franchise certification by the German Franchise Association (DFV) confirms that SANIFAIR fulfils the DFV standards. This is i.a. the DFV ethics code that denominates the rights and obligations of franchisor and franchisee, thus enabling a uniform appearance of reputable franchising. Furthermore, the ethics code contains guidelines regarding the fair dealings between franchisee and franchisor.