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Frequently asked questions The most important questions answered quickly and simply

Please take a look at the SANIFAIR near youtab on our home page or plan your travel route with SANIFAIR.

Contactless payment is being introduced at more and more locations. This gives you the opportunity to pay at the payment machines by credit card or with your smartphone.

The payment machine can operate in German and English.

Step 1

Insert the amount displayed into the payment machine. The machine gives change. The following coins are accepted: 2 euros, 1 euro, 50 cents, 20 cents, 10 cents. Alternatively, at more and more locations you can also make contactless payments by credit card or with your smartphone.

Step 2

Go through the turnstile. The machine issues you with a SANIFAIR voucher worth 50 cents.

Step 3

Look after the SANIFAIR voucher. If you buy something at a participating partner company, the amount is deducted from the purchase price.* Note: Children who cannot reach the coin slot have free access to the SANIFAIR area.

* The general terms and conditions displayed at the SANIFAIR facility apply.

Parents with babies can use the baby-changing rooms free of charge.

Children who cannot reach the coin slot have free access to the SANIFAIR area.

Disabled people can use the disabled toilets, which are fitted for wheelchair access, free of charge. You have free access to the disabled toilet using the carried unit key. If you do not have a key with you, the checkout staff or SANIFAIR service staff can provide you with a key for one-time use.

The key can be ordered inter alia online on the site of Club Behinderter und ihrer Freunde e. V. CBF ( or Bundesverbands Selbsthilfe Körperbehinderter e. V. ( A disability pass is required as evidence when ordering.

You can, of course, use the disabled toilet without a unit key. Please ask the staff on-site. They will provide you with a key for one-time use.

We would be happy to hear your opinion of SANIFAIR. Criticisms or suggestions are both of value to us, because the more we know about your wishes, the better we can become for you.
You can reach us here.

Cleaning takes place according to the cleaning plan. This establishes exactly what cleaning is required at what time intervals. Of course, cleaning also takes place as required.

The use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents is important to us.

Contactless technology functions via a sensor that is activated when a hand is placed near it. The toilet flush mechanism, the taps and the paper towel dispensers work contact-free at SANIFAIR. You do not need to open any doors when leaving the SANIFAIR facility, reducing the spread of bacteria.

The toilet seat automatically registers that it has been used. The seat cleans itself after the user has stood up. It turns through a sluice and is cleaned for the next user. If you would like the seat to be cleaned again before you use it, you can reactivate the cleaning process. To do so, hold your hand next to the sensor, and the cleaning process will start.

You receive the SANIFAIR voucher at the access machines in all SANIFAIR facilities. As soon as you pay the entry charge, the machine also issues your SANIFAIR voucher.

You can redeem the SANIFAIR voucher at participating partner companies. Please note the general terms and conditions displayed at the SANIFAIR facility.

The SANIFAIR voucher can be discounted from the purchase price when you purchase goods or services. Certain goods may be exempted. The goods and services on offer may vary depending on the location. You can find more information at the SANIFAIR facility on-site or from participating voucher redeeming partners.

How long the SANIFAIR voucher is valid for may vary depending on the location. You can find out how long your SANIFAIR voucher is valid for in the SANIFAIR facility on-site or at participating voucher redeeming partners.

Unfortunately not. Paying out the residual value of SANIFAIR vouchers is not possible.