Redeem your voucher and enjoy!

Redeeming – it’s this easy Redeem your voucher and enjoy

Woman redeeming SANIFAIR voucher

Redeem your voucher worth a fixed amount which is stated on the voucher and use it towards a purchase from our voucher redemption partners on-site.

SANIFAIR vouchers from German motorway service stations can be redeemed at all service stations with SANIFAIR; vouchers from shopping centres can be redeemed in the shopping centre in question; vouchers from train stations can be redeemed in all train stations with SANIFAIR.

You can find more information about the voucher redeeming partners at the SANIFAIR facilities on-site.*

* Please also note the general terms and conditions, which are placed on the wall in the SANIFAIR facility in question.

Want to become a voucher redeeming partner now?

We will be happy to tell you whether you too can benefit from the exclusive advantages for voucher redeeming partners. Get in touch with us!

  • Advertising space at your location without extra costs
  • Voucher to increase customer loyalty
  • Individual marketing campaigns with the voucher

Benefits for redeeming partners