Become a voucher redeeming partner and make use of the benefits!

Accepting SANIFAIR vouchers

When you accept our SANIFAIR vouchers, you make your customers happy and benefit from numerous advantages yourself:

  • Advertising space at your location without additional costs
  • Vouchers can increase customer loyalty and impulse purchases
  • Ideal for gastronomy, retail and service providers

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Your benefits as a voucher redeeming partner

  • 700 SANIFAIR Einlösepartner
  • Infoscreen als Werbemöglichkeit für SANIFAIR Einlösepartner
  • Werbemöglichkeiten SANIFAIR

As a voucher redeeming partner, you turn SANIFAIR visitors into your customers! SANIFAIR visitors receive a voucher worth €0.50 that they can then use towards a purchase at your business as one of our voucher redeeming partners. However, as a voucher redeeming partner you are not only first choice for SANIFAIR customers, but also profit from the following benefits:

  • Digital and analogue advertising space in the SANIFAIR facility without additional costs
  • Advantage over local competitors through acceptance of vouchers
  • Increase in impulse purchases through voucher acceptance

Individual opportunities

Advertising hung in the SANIFAIR area

You can also use the SANIFAIR voucher for your next sales-boosting campaign by giving the voucher added value. Additional discounts, ‘Buy one, get one free’ or similar offers – virtually anything is possible. With the help of the advertising space in the SANIFAIR facilities, which is without additional costs for you, you can market your promotions exactly where your customers are:

  • You decide the added value of your SANIFAIR voucher
  • Individual sales-boosting campaigns with the voucher are possible
  • Marketing on the SANIFAIR advertising space, which is available to you without additional costs

SANIFAIR has received multiple awards

Brand of the century in the ‘Public toilet’ category
TÜV Rheinland logo
Deutscher Franchise Verband e.V. logo

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  • Benefits, chances and opportunities as a voucher redeeming partner
  • Practical examples and experiences from our voucher redeeming partners

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