the refreshingly different WC

The SANIFAIR principle

The SANIFAIR principle

  1. Insert money SANIFAIR

    Redeem voucher

    Our customers pay a small charge for the use of SANIFAIR to cover service, cleaning and maintenance and, in return, they receive a voucher worth €0.50.

  2. self-cleaning toilets


    In the modern sanitary facilities from SANIFAIR at train stations, shopping centres and other locations, visitors spend their time in a pleasant atmosphere.

  3. use voucher for purchasing

    Shop and enjoy

    After their visit, our guests can use their voucher towards a purchase at participating voucher redeeming partners – real added value for customers and voucher redeeming partners.

SANIFAIR highlights Discover the world of SANIFAIR

A strong brand, a multi-award-winning system and more than ten years’ experience make SANIFAIR a leading provider in the public toilet sector. Discover the highlights that give our SANIFAIR facilities a real atmosphere of well-being. SANIFAIR – the refreshingly different WC.

  • contactless fittings Contactless fittings
    • Barrier-free toilet Disabled toilet
    • Child toilets are reached through the child entrance Child entrance
    • Self-cleaning toilets Self-cleaning seat
    • Showers Showers
    Baby-changing rooms Baby-changing rooms
    • Hand disinfection Hand disinfection
    • Defibrillator Defibrillator

The fittings may vary depending on the situation on-site.

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SANIFAIR – always a clean break A proven system, high standards of quality and high brand recognition

SANIFAIR partnership

SANIFAIR makes visiting sanitary facilities a clean experience – for our partners, too. As a SANIFAIR franchise partner or location owner, you benefit from a multi-award-winning system, high-quality fittings, high standards of hygiene and a high level of customer satisfaction – a clean business all round.

  • Proven system
  • High standards of hygiene
  • High level of customer satisfaction
  • Modern fittings
  • Positive brand image

SANIFAIR in Europe Around 520 facilities in Europe

SANIFAIR in Europe

It’s not only in Germany that more and more train stations and shopping centres are putting their faith in SANIFAIR – the number of SANIFAIR locations is constantly growing all over Europe.

Around 520 facilities in Europe are evidence of the success of SANIFAIR. As a partner, you can benefit from our excellent development prospects – Europe-wide.

The SANIFAIR voucher A real customer magnet for our voucher redeeming partners!

SANIFAIR redeeming partner

Whether it’s for gastronomy, individual retailers or service providers – the SANIFAIR voucher is a real customer magnet. Voucher redeeming partners benefit from new customers and receive advertising space in the SANIFAIR facilities without additional costs. Find out more now and become a SANIFAIR voucher redeeming partner.

A selection of voucher redeeming partners*

Information for voucher redeeming partners

* Note on the SANIFAIR voucher redeeming partners

Success as a SANIFAIR partner As a location owner or franchise / voucher redeeming partner – SANIFAIR offers many opportunities

SANIFAIR franchise partner

Franchising with SANIFAIR

Put your faith in an established and modern concept with more than ten years of experience and take over one or more SANIFAIR facilities as a SANIFAIR franchise partner.

  • One or more SANIFAIR facilities
  • Efficient structures and processes
  • Solid business model

Become a franchise partner

Opportunities for any location

SANIFAIR for your location

Concentrate on your core business – we
take care of the sanitary facilities in your
train station, shopping centre or at
other busy locations.

  • Modern sanitary facilities
  • Operation by SANIFAIR partners
  • No staff costs

Information for location owners

SANIFAIR voucher redeeming

Become a redeeming partner

Turn SANIFAIR visitors into your customers – as
a voucher redeeming partner you are
first choice for our visitors and benefit
from numerous advantages.

  • For restaurants, traders and service providers
  • Advertising space without additional costs
  • New customers

Become a redeeming partner